Virtual hybrid event using our virtual studio

Vogelsänger Studios Digital Event

Presenting possibilities of virtual events

Format: Live presentation in a virtual studio

Place: Vogelsänger Studios, Neufahrn near München

Date: July 7, 2020

Dauer: 90 minutes


Virtuelles Hybrid Event mit virtuellem Studio

Particular challenges

Virtual studio set including several camera perspectivesCreate a virtual studio including a green screen
Two different online conferencing systems. One group of participants is using Google Meet, another group is using ZoomIntegrate both systems in one video mixer. Feeding sound inputs to all external participants and to the studio.
Viewers of the stream can ask questions using the chat functionLivestreaming in Video.Taxi, using its built-in chat function

A virtual studio allows you to enhance the quality of your production site with little effort. In addition, quality control is easier in a studio than at a site that first needs to be converted into a studio. The one requirement for a green-screen set is a sufficiently large space in which a team can freely interact and multiple camera angles can be applied at any time.

Michael Westphal in den Vogelsänger Studios

The location:

Vogelsänger Studios in Neufahrn near München

Some departments join the event live, partly using individual virtual backdrops.

Zuschaltung von Fachabteilungen
Zuschaltung von weiteren Personen im Livestream

The live keynotes include free speaking, presentations and animated 3D-views, for example showing pieces of furniture.

All participants can be seen by the host, the production team and viewers of the stream.

Livestream und Livestream Produktion mit Green Screen
Cord Vogelsänger

The CEO of Vogelsänger Studios, Cord Vogelsänger, greeting all viewers.

Using a bright, friendly room that reminds of a loft as backdrop adds quality to the broadcast.

Live-Übertragung mit Qualität
Zuschaltung von weiteren Teilnehmern

Participants who joined online can be seen on the large in-studio screen.

Viewers can participate via chat.

Beteiligung per Chat
Umfrage Tool

At the same time, viewers are asked to participate in an opinion poll, the results of which are then displayed live.

The principle of chroma-keying: Here you can see the host in-studio, the green colour of the backdrop is filtered out and replaced by graphics.

Livestream Produktion
Moderator vor grünem Hintergrund

The host is standing in front of the green screen – the virtual studio set has not been added to the image yet.

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