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For improved comprehensibility and accessibility – for both, livestreams and VOD!

We create subtitles for live and on demand contents relying on experienced, certified speech-to-text-interpreters. At your request, we can utilise our fully automatized AI-based speech recognition software to create subtitles.



Our expertise stems from creating 230 hours of live subtitles per year for clients such as German Bundestag.

Subtitles in every format

We employ established subtitle formats such as SRT and WebVTT that comply with BITV 2.0 standards. These formats can be used across platforms.

Closed und Open Captions

We create closed captions that may be displayed or hidden as well as open captions that are always visible on screen.

Subtitle translations

We provide automated translation of existing subtitles into 192 languages. This allows you to reach significantly more users.

Convert existing text to subtitles

We convert existing text such as scripts, screenplays or speech transcripts to subtitles. In the conversion process, these texts are automatically assigned to the spoken word. Automated translation into 192 languages can be added at your request.

AI-based subtitles

Using the latest AI-based speech-to-text technology allows us to offer you a high recognition rate at an attractive price.

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One-day workshop at your premises

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