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Stream professionally using Video.Taxi Studio – no additional hardware needed

Live streaming for everyone
In the past, the implementation of professional live streaming was a costly affair that required IT know how and an overview of the entire process chain. Having to connect participants to a conference online renders such projects even more complex.

Video.Taxi Studio performs all these tasks on your behalf and creates an easy-to-use interface for you. Here is what Video.Taxi Studio can do for you:

Live streaming
Video.Taxi Studio processes the signal provided by a webcam or a connected USB source so that it can be streamed to 1-10,000 viewers. Via one click of your mouse.

Video mixer
Video.Taxi Studio also functions as a video mixer displaying the signals of connected guests. Host and director are the same person. They can choose from different layouts. Every participant in the studio can share their screen, for example to show a presentation. The host decides when and how screen sharing takes place.

Video.Taxi Livestreaming Software

Video.Taxi Studio allows you to use your own graphics. A background, overlay graphics and your own logos can be inserted into the broadcast. This is how your broadcast gets its own personal look.

You want to send a spontaneous message to your viewers? No problem. Simply enter the text and insert it into the broadcast. Your viewers will receive the message instantaneously.

Private chat
You are on air, but your participants need to exchange information that should not be shown in the broadcast? Our private chat function allows you and your participants to communicate unnoticed.

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Since 1999 live streaming and video hosting has been our field of expertise. Working closely with our teams and partners allows us to implement challenging projects. We have developed a platform called Video.Taxi for independent streamers.

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