Producing livestreams from afar

Create livestreams in a cost-saving way

Remote production as a new tool in TV1’s toolbox – save travel costs – produce up-to-date content faster than ever

The Covid crisis has forced us all to become more digital. For those who work from home, online videoconferencing has become part of everyday life. All of us are learning that business must go on, even if we cannot work from the office. Obviously, meeting people in real life and meeting them online are not the same, and yet: At the moment, this is the best alternative we have. And virtual meetings have some advantages as well. They save time, money and they improve your ecological balance sheet.


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Managing larger online meetings

When it comes to online meetings, there are some communicative limits. If more than ten people participate, the situation can quickly become chaotic and confusing without certain rules in place. Because only one person should speak at a time, the other nine participants need to remain quiet in the meantime. Depending on the topic, it can take a while until everyone had their turn. When there are more than twenty participants, a live webcast is the best option to go with. To make this possible, TV1 uses internet-based broadcast technology. Our so-called remote production allows us to control video and sound direction completely via the internet.


One director in full control – the result is a TV-style broadcast

While a videoconference cannot be controlled by a single person, our remote production technology allows us to produce a TV-style broadcast without having to move any technology and without forcing people to travel:

1. Full control over the connection and disconnection of participants
2. Full control over participants’ microphones
3. Fade in and fade out lower thirds
4. Play videos
5. Switch live signals on and off
6. Fade in and fade out logos
7. Fade in and fade out background images
8. Switch participants’ screens on and off
9. Treadmill
10. Virtual backgrounds for all participants

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