Prof. Werner Sinn on Covid 19 and its consequences

Streaming as a safe alternative in times of Covid

Instead of using a live webcast, top economist Werner Sinn addresses the public in a TV1 studio production

In fact, Prof. Sinn had planned to hold his talk about the Covid crisis one week earlier. In his talk, he was going to address guests who had accepted an invitation by the Bavarian Advisory Board for Economics to Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. At the same time, he was going to address viewers via a live webcast. However, due to Covid, these plans were ruined.

Looking for a quick solution

As the crisis gained momentum, a quick solution was required. Within 24 hours, it was decided that Prof. Sinn’s talk would be filmed in one of TV1’s studios and subsequently published on YouTube. This allowed the presenter to reach the public as fast as possible under given circumstances, as he had requested. Only a few hours passed between production start and video upload to YouTube.

Hans Schachtner

A happy client

Our client was very pleased with the solution we provided. Prof. Werner Sinn reported that he was going to use the format again in the future. Hans Schachtner, general secretary of the Bavarian Advisory Board for Economics, expressed his gratitude to the TV1 team via e-mail, thanking the team for working so efficiently and professionally.


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