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When face-to-face events are no longer possible – connect people and communicate

Live webcasts become online events in times of Covid. In Covid-times, more and more events have to be cancelled. Many companies, e.g. from the event industry, are hit hard and the damage caused runs into billions. However, the internet provides suitable alternatives to face-to-face events for companies. They can promote their product live in front of an audience online. Webcasts and webinars are in fashion. Live streaming has developed into a reliable technology that allows hundreds of thousands of participants to watch an event simultaneously. Trade fairs, congresses and conferences can take place as cloud broadcasts. The speakers don’t need to travel to the event location anymore but can join the broadcast online. Thus, the event can take place 100% online and no one needs to travel a single mile.

How webcasts differ from video conferences

A video conference suits a maximum number of six participants. With a larger number of participants, a video conference can become exhausting and the participants might quickly lose concentration . The limitation to a smaller number of participants is also due to technical aspects, since the technology used relies on real-time communication. With several hundreds of participants, real-time communication cannot be guaranteed.

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Participants can interact

The ideal solution is a combination of video conference and webcast. At an online event, the speakers join the virtual lecture room with their PowerPoint presentations. A larger number of participants and hence a bigger audience is possible. The presentations are broadcast live to the participants via webcast. To interact, participants can ask questions or take part in surveys, the results of which are directly incorporated into the lecture.

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Since 1999 live streaming and video hosting has been our field of expertise. Working closely with our teams and partners allows us to implement challenging projects. We have developed a platform called Video.Taxi for independent streamers.

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