Staging successful virtual events

Like creating a 5-course menu

Various event formats can be transformed into virtual events

In the foreseeable future, face-to-face events will either have to be cancelled or held with a significantly reduced number of participants. Hence, there is an urgent need for an alternative event format. Virtual events are a suitable alternative for trade fairs, seminars, panel discussions, conferences or talks and there are no limits topic-wise. The term “virtual” has been haunting the internet for 20 years. Internet users of the early days surely remember “Cycosmos” and Robert T-Online, the virtual host.

Thinking of such examples, the term “virtual” can be misleading. No one who takes part in a virtual event is replaced by a digital avatar. However, there is no longer any need for physical presence on location either. As a result, participants no longer need to travel. Using online conferencing systems such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, Meet and others, several people can enter a shared conference room via the internet and communicate with each other via camera, microphone and chat as well as share their screens.

The more participants, the more complex the virtual event

One drawback of virtual events is the fact that the organizer has to deal with the technology used by different participants. How stable is their internet connection? Can they access a LAN network so that they don’t have to access a wireless one? What is their camera and microphone quality like? Is the camera positioned correctly and is the lighting optimal? Can they operate the online conference tool properly? Due to all these factors, professional preparation becomes more and more important, depending on the reach of your event. After all, it is important not to harm one’s public image.
TV1 never goes on air without a final rehearsal several days in advance.
During this rehearsal, the entire workflow is tested with all participants to be involved, leading up to the public broadcast. They should be able to follow the events live.

This is where live streaming comes into play. The video and audio data is streamed as a continuous data stream to the viewers and, once they have clicked the corresponding link, they can watch the stream in their players on the respective device.

Interactivity is a key to success

It goes without saying that the sheer number of viewers also necessitates a selection of interaction tools. Should 500 viewers be able to interact via video? Certainly not! Should everyone be allowed to use the chat or answer questions via a voting tool? For sure!
Is it possible to include individual viewers in the online conference for a limited time? Yes.

The more interactive participants may be, of course depending on their individual role within the event, the more included they will feel.


A virtual event is like composing a five-course menu. For everything to work one needs a concept: What should the event be like in the end, what is the goal? Not only when cooking do the ingredients and the equipment used play a vital role. Your ingredients always need to be impeccable. The chef needs to be experienced and must be able to rely on a good team. Together they may create a flawless five-course menu that will leave nothing to be desired.

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In summary:

1. Every physical event can be conducted as a virtual event

2. The more external participants join the event, the more complex it gets

3. One or more rehearsals are strongly recommended

4. Include interactive components such as a chat function in your live stream

5. Create a concept and let professionals assist you in realising it


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