Virtual hybrid event with virtual studio

Vogelsänger Studios Digital Event

Presentation of the possibilities of virtual events

Format: Live presentation in a virtual studio
Place: Vogelsänger Studios, Neufahrn near München
Date: 7. July 2020
Duration: 90 minutes

The special challenges:


• Virtual studio set with several camera perspectives

• 2 different online conference systems. 1 group of participants uses Google Meet, another user uses Zoom

• Viewers in the stream can ask questions via chat


• Construction of a virtual studio with green background as a green set

• Integration of both systems in one video mixer. Feed of the sound signals to all external participants and the studio

• Livestreaming via Video.Taxi using the chat function

A virtual studio allows the production site to be upgraded at a manageable cost. In addition, the quality can be better controlled in a studio than in a location converted into a studio. Prerequisite are appropriate areas for the green studio set, so that several people can act and also several camera angles can be used.

The Location:

Vogelsänger Studios in Neufahrn near Munich

Some specialist departments were connected live, some with their own virtual backgrounds.

In the live lectures the participants spoke freely, but also showed presentations and animated 3D views of e.g. furniture.

All connected participants were visible to the presenter, the director and the audience at the stream.

The CEO of Vogelsänger Studios, Cord Vogelsänger, welcomes the audience.

By designing a bright, friendly room in loft style, the transmission gained in quality.

The connected participants were also visible on the large monitor in the studio.

The audience could participate via chat.

At the same time, the viewers were questioned by means of a survey and the results were recorded live.

The principle of chromakeying: the presenter in the studio, without the colour green. This is filtered out and replaced by graphics.

In this way, the presenter acts against a green background, without the well-rehearsed, virtual studio set.

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