Virtual Event

Project Denkfabrik Legal Tech

As a replacement for a presence event of the think tank ``Legal Tech`` as part of the Digital Day 2020.

Format: On-site lecture and discussion with participants via chat, audio and video.
Place: Bavarian Ministry of Justice, Munich
Date: 19. June 2020
Duration: 131 minutes

The special challenges:


• Internet access on site not possible due to secure network

• 2 groups of participants. 1 group of participants can only use Microsoft Teams, TV1 could not log in because of closed user group

• 1 circle of participants should be able to register via chat, a circle with pure spectators not

• Chat messages should not appear uncontrolled in the video player

• Questioners should also be able to take part in the discussion by telephone


• Establishment of own Internet access by bundling several LTE channels

• Use of TV1’s own “Microsoft Team Conference System” – this also created a waiting room situation for the external questioners

• Livestreaming via Video.Taxi using two parallel livestreams, one with and one without chat function

• Use of the “moderated chat” function at Video.Taxi

• Switching an external telephone line

One of the biggest challenges is the seamless connection of external participants via online conference systems. Participants who are to be given the opportunity to speak have to be kept in a queue until the moderator calls them up, without being seen by the audience. In the online conference, all participants are usually connected immediately, only few systems offer a waiting room function. Therefore the picture of the online conference cannot be transmitted without further ado. Therefore, two different communication areas have to be linked together.
Bibliothek des Justizministerium

The Location:

The library of the Ministry of Justice with 18.000 books.

The four speakers on site were filmed with a camera. The outgoing
The broadcast image is visible to them on the large monitor.

Redner werden gefilmt

By bonding several LTE channels and thus achieving 80 Mbit/s upload bandwidth, the TV1 team had enough capacity to operate all network connections: Included were: The teams sessions, 2x live encoding, telephone over IP, e-mail traffic and six permanently accessed streams for editorial and quality control purposes.

Because of the hygiene rules, the distance of 1.5 metres
between speakers must be respected.

Kamera filmt Vortrag
Georg Eisenreich wird mit Mikrofon und Ohrhörer verkabelt.

Georg Eisenreich, Bavarian Minister of Justice, is wired with microphone and earphones.

Participants who were connected and gave a live speech were visible on the monitor on the right.

Zugeschalteter Teilnehmer aug großem Bildschirm
Bildregie und Redaktion stimmen sich ab

Picture direction and editorial staff closely coordinate the change of participant technology to be used from online conference system, telephone and chat.

One of the two groups of spectators could also participate via chat.

Zuschauer beteiligt sich per Chat
Präsentation im Großformat

The presentation was often shown in large format, with the speaker in the upper left corner of the picture. This view also shows the activatable chat in the player.

After the livestream the recording was immediately available in the same player on the website of the Ministry of Justice. abrufbar.


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