Virtual Event

Bayernfonds - Press Conference (PK) of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs

Information for the press and public about a recently approved support programme for Bavarian companies as a livestream

Format: live streaming to the website, Facebook and Twitter
Place: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs
Date: 21.8.2020
Duration: 60 minutes

The special challenges:


• No Internet available via network


• Use of bundled LTE channels

The event was implemented as an online event. The live signal was produced at the location in Munich. Questions from journalists who were not in the room were transmitted via the Internet, read out and answered.
Pressekonferenz des Bayerischen Wirtschaftsministeriums

The Location:

Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in Munich

Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Freie Wähler) and Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) inform about the “BayernFonds” recently approved by the EU Commission.

TV1 streamt Pressekonferenz des Bayerischen Wirtschaftsministeriums
Kamera filmt Pressekonferenz

The PK was filmed with a camera. The sound and video signal was then transmitted with Video.Taxi.

Other press representatives create texts and pictures.

Überwachung des Streams

The livestream can be seen on the homepage, Facebook and Twitter, including mobile devices.

Moderator Corinna Wohlfeil interviews an online guest.

Überwachungs des Streams
BayernFonds zur Unterstützung bayerischer Unternehmen

The player was embedded on the website of the Ministry of Economy.

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