Event - Videoconference

Networking of locations and involvement of external experts

Mobile video conferencing solution to enhance your event


Would you like to connect remote participants or entire locations to your event during an event?

Then our mobile HD video conferencing solution is just the thing for you. Since 1997, we have been using this technology to add even more value to your event.

HD quality

We connect up to 32 participants simultaneously in HD quality.

Saves travel expenses

By involving external experts, you can save travel costs and enhance your event.


By interconnecting different locations of a company, all participants experience a positive feeling of community.


Parallel to the video image, presentation slides can be faded in live and everyone can follow the presentation perfectly.

Multi-camera production

At the respective locations with many participants we produce a video image in HD quality with several cameras. External call partners are usually connected with a camera. One camera is usually sufficient, it could be a webcam or a smartphone.

Further distribution by stream

If the number of participants reaches hundreds or thousands, we couple the video conference and stream it as a live stream within your company network or, if desired, also to the Internet. Streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is also possible.

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