Production from a distance – create livestreams inexpensively


Remote production as a new tool in the TV1 toolbox

Save travel costs – produce up-to-date content faster

The Corona crisis has forced us all to become more digital. Online video conferences are now part of everyday life in the home office. We are all learning that business life goes on, even without an office. Of course, meeting people cannot be replaced by technology, but the fact is that at the moment it’s the best we have. And virtual meetings also have advantages. They save time, money and are good for the environment.

If the meeting is to be attended by many people
Online meetings have their communicative limits. With more than ten participants it quickly becomes confusing. Since only one participant should speak at a time, the other nine listen. Depending on the topic, it can take a long time until everyone has had their turn to speak. In the meantime, you watch the others listening. At the latest with more than twenty participants a live webcast is the better choice for me. At TV1, we use internet-based broadcast technology to carry out a so-called remote production. Here we control all elements of the image and sound control room via the Internet.
Live Studio

Full control by a director – the result is a show in TV look

While a video conference does not allow direct control by an individual, our remote production technology allows us to produce a TV-look show without having to let even a piece of technology or even people travel:
  1. Full control over the connection and disconnection of the participants
  2. Full control over the participants’ microphones
  3. Fade in and out of abdominal bandages
  4. Playing in videos
  5. Switching on live signals
  6. Show and hide logos
  7. Show and hide background images
  8. Switching on and off the screen contents of the participants (e.g. Powerpoint)
  9. Treadmill.
  10. Virtual backgrounds for all participants

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