New sign language studio in operation

With a live broadcast for the Berlin House of Representatives on November 15, 2018, TV1 has put his new sign language studio into operation. It provides two standing spaces for interpreters, who can take turns acting in front of the camera and a green background. The green background is replaced by so-called Chroma Keying live through the live image from the Abgeordnentenhaus Berlin. The sign language interpreters may be hearing or deaf. Since deaf sign language interpreters are dependent on text, the subtitles will also be displayed for them, while the written language interpreters can create it live. The recorded mixed live image is then synchronized with the subtitles and streamed directly to the TV1 platform. From there, it is then retrieved by the users. TV1 is with partners such as Verbavoice the contractor for the German Bundestag, the Bavarian State Parliament and the Berlin House of Representatives.

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