Glemseck 101 – Europe`s biggest motorcycle festival goes live

Glemseck 101 - we the take 1/8 mile to the LIVE level

Glemseck 101 – for motorcycle fans, this is music in their ears. No other meeting of two-wheeler fans is as steep in popularity as the now 13th gathering of nearly 40,000 spectators at the legendary Solitude race track near Leonberg, Baden-Württemberg. Dangers become fun, with a lot of fun, with startgirl and target measurement by eyeball. Who breaks the 1/8 mile best? Who tuned his bike the best? Which CafeRacer can all stand? Answers to this are available for the first time as an HD live stream on September 1 and 2, 2018, produced by TV1.

All photos: Thanks to Motorrad-Magazin MO / Sascha Feuster – Videofootage: Thanks to Roman Haenicke

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